This is “Priscilla” who takes us on our travels in Europe and UK

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Many of you have asked to have a look inside

Starting from the front, this is the Lounge view from the windscreen looking rearwards.


Entrance door on the left, with handrail.  Fridge/freezer on left.

Bathroom is behind the squiggled panel. Bedroom at the rear. Kitchen is behind the seat.


Another view from the Lounge towards the bedroom. 


Note double doors of wardrobe between the kitchen and the bedroom.

The Kitchen, with oven and hob. The double sink is concealed beneath the worktop inserts.

The smaller of the two taps (nearest) supplies filtered water—so no need to buy bottled water for drinking!


The photo above is looking back into the lounge from the kitchen area. Note the driving seats swivel to face the table. Above the driving seats is a queen size double bed which lowers down to just above table height. The driving seat backs need to be laid flat to allow the bed to drop down.

Looking rearwards from the kitchen into the rear bedroom.


Bathroom/loo door on the left and the wardrobe on the right.

Looking in through the bathroom door.


Shower cubicle on left and the toilet is out of sight from this photo but it is in front of the wash basin.

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For the technically curious:-


We carry 150 litres of fresh water and have a waste water holding tank of 100 litres. 

The toilet waste is held in a removable cassette which is emptied at campsite disposal points.


Heating is a wet system (radiators) not blown air and the water can be heated by 5kw gas, 3kw electric or both. This keeps us very snug even when the outside temperatures are way below freezing. If these both run out we can still use a diesel heater which heats the van’s engine coolant and heats the rest of the motorhome through a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger means that the motorhome is heated throughout even when we are driving.

The gas cylinders contain 17kg (approx 34 litres) of propane gas and are refillable anywhere throughout Europe where they sell LPG.  We have to carry a number of adaptors to fit the dispensing pumps in various countries.

We can survive on site in the depth of winter for up to four days without needing external support services. The limiting factor is the capacity of the leisure batteries to provide all the 12v electrics.  Driving for a couple of hours will top up the batteries but you really need to plug into the mains to charge them up to full capacity.


Priscilla is 7.8 metres (25’7”) long, 2.27 metres (7’5”) wide and 3.3 metres (10’10”) high.  She weighs 4,500kg (4.5 tonnes) when we are loaded for touring and has a maximum permitted weight of 5.2 tonnes.


The engine is a 3 litre turbo diesel developing 176bhp,  400Nm and has an automatic gearbox but with manual option if you wish to use it. The overall fuel consumption is around 23 m.p.g.  It is rear wheel drive with twin rear wheels and we have air suspension both front and rear.


We opted for left hand drive for two reasons. (i) We cover many more  miles in continental Europe than we do in UK and (ii) if and when we wish to sell we have a much larger marketplace than just UK to sell into. Left hand drive is not really a problem for us—it is not the kind of vehicle for making snappy overtaking manoeuvres! 


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